Three better places to keep your money rather than a savings account

I don’t know what the deal is with people keeping their money in savings accounts, either they don’t know about other ways to hold your money or they’re too lazy to actually go through with it, here are three ways that you can better your money.

  1. A mutual fund – if your money is sitting in a mutual fund, not only are you investing in the fund, you are actually investing in a group of stocks that is changing at all times, the fund is managed by people other than yourself so all you have to do is put your money in and watch it grow.
  2. A US treasury note – you can invest your money in the US government, over 10 years you can watch as your money appreciates to whatever interest rate you got the note at.
  3. Real estate – you can invest in a building, buildings are great because they lead to an ongoing income, whether you rent the building out to a company or to families you are making money consistently.

Step 5 to an enjoyable lifetime

Today we are going to talk about what kind of real estate are good to invest in. One way to do it is buy a building, you then either rent it out to tenants or to a business; in time, it will be a cash cow. Another option is to buy land, depending on where it is and what the property is zoned for you can build on your land and then either sell it to another investor or keep it for yourself. Always make sure that your real estate is in a good area, you don’t want to not be able to sell it if you have to liquidate.

How to make piles of money (literally)

Everyone wants to make money? Right? I mean if you are a human being in this capitalistic society we have who doesn’t want to make piles of money. Investing early is the key to making a lot of money, sure you can make a lot of money just from working hard and saving but that won’t make you a billionaire, you’re gonna have to make some good monetary decisions along the way to get there. lots-of-money

All over the place


I am a fan of many sports, however none from the same geological location, I have reasons for liking each team that I do so lets start off with my favorite, the Alabama Crimson Tide. I love the tide because I attend the University of Alabama and I follow our football team like no other, I went to every game this past year and in about a week will be back in Dallas to watch us play in the Cotton Bowl. Continue reading “All over the place”

Step three to an enjoyable lifetime

So you took my advice, you just invested in a mutual fund, now you still have a good bit of your money that is still sitting in that savings account. If you think that you have enough to cover yourself if a crisis arises plus some then keep reading; it seems that you have some money to play around with, I would recommend investing in some stocks which are more volatile than a mutual fund, in one of my next posts I will talk about some hot stocks that are bound to make you some money.

Making good investments

The worst thing you can do with your money is waste it, for every dollar that you earn you should get something out of it. Whether it be investing that dollar to make more or spending that dollar to buy essentials such as food/water you want to make sure it’s not going to waste. If you aren’t investing or buying essentials one might ask what can you spend your money on? I believe that if you gain a valuable experience or you’re buying something physical that will save you time/money in the future it is a good investment.