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Hottest Stock of the week

Well, I wanted you to hear it here first, I am going to let you in on one of the biggest upside stocks there is, the company is called Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and they are in a perfect spot so buying soon is key. I have been watching this stock for a long time and it looks like now is the time to put all the marbles in the basket and run with it. 

Step three to an enjoyable lifetime

So you took my advice, you just invested in a mutual fund, now you still have a good bit of your money that is still sitting in that savings account. If you think that you have enough to cover yourself if a crisis arises plus some then keep reading; it seems that you have some money to play around with, I would recommend investing in some stocks which are more volatile than a mutual fund, in one of my next posts I will talk about some hot stocks that are bound to make you some money.