About Me

I am a college student who loves to make money. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, however I moved up to the great state of New York when I was four years old and ever since then, being so close to the city, I have dreamed of being a billionaire and owning a penthouse in New York City. So I am doing whatever it takes for me to get to that stage in my life.

I attend the University of Alabama, and ever since the age of 17 I have owned financial assets that eventually will help me reach my goal of becoming a billionaire. I have made this blog to help others in their path to stacks of money and eternal happiness. Other than money, my other favorite things are good food, skiing, and adventuring, but as you can tell money leads to all of those things.

I am one of seven children who has had to work for everything I have ever earned, I started at the bottom and now I am working my way to the top. I like wearing nice clothes and I am a die hard fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Boston Red Sox, and the Alabama Crimson Tide.