All over the place


I am a fan of many sports, however none from the same geological location, I have reasons for liking each team that I do so lets start off with my favorite, the Alabama Crimson Tide. I love the tide because I attend the University of Alabama and I follow our football team like no other, I went to every game this past year and in about a week will be back in Dallas to watch us play in the Cotton Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks are my next favorite team, back in 2005 I played my first year of fantasy football and wasn’t a fan of the NFL, but Shaun Alexander (found out he went to Alabama once I was already down there) was on my team and scored 28 touchdowns that season propelling me to victory against my family when they thought my entry money would be easy pickings. My next favorite team is the Boston Red Sox, I was raised a Red Sox fan by my dad seeing as he was raised in Boston. Next are the New York Rangers, I didn’t watch hockey too much when I was younger, however as of late it has been very fun to watch seeing how well the rangers have played, and being raised in New York it was not hard to jump on the bandwagon. Being born right outside of San Antonio has to make me a Spurs fan? Right? You guessed it, the Spurs have always been good throughout their history so they are a very fun team to watch. Overall, I love sports, I don’t know what I would do without them, I played them throughout my youth and now as a hard-working college student, I only have time to watch them but for now, that is good enough.


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